Livestock Clinic

Oakes Veterinary Service provides services for production animals at the clinic and on farm.  Our professional and knowledgeable staff are able to address issues and solve problems that arise and as importantly help you develop a preventative strategy for your herd or flock. See below for specific details offered at Oakes Veterinary Service.

Duke is always ready to help when it comes to livestock!

Bovine Services

Herd Health

We offer comprehensive herd health programs that include vaccination for major respiratory and multi-systemic pathogens such as BVD, IBR, BRSV and clostridial organisms. In addition, we provide and consult on de-worming protocols to prevent parasites from robbing your cattle of essential nutrients.  We also provide castration and dehorning services. We work hard to tailor a well rounded program that best fits our client’s needs while remaining cost-effective to implement. Oakes Veterinary Service is equipped with a chute-side scale to aid in performance testing your cattle and we also offer consultation for genetic selection of seedstock to help improve your herd.

Reproductive Services

Oakes Veterinary Service offers a full array of bovine reproductive services, including pregnancy diagnosis via palpation or ultrasound technology.  Ultrasound use for early pregnancy detection is a valuable tool that offers the option for reliable diagnosis and potential for fetal sexing. We also perform breeding soundness evaluation of heifers and bulls to screen for physical abnormalities and fertility issues. Oakes Veterinary Service veterinarians are well educated on estrous synchronization and artificial insemination techniques and we provide products to implement those programs. Lastly, our team can provide advice dealing with EPD’s and molecular genetic testing of bulls to help you reach your goals.

Bovine Obstetrics

Oakes Veterinary Service provides haul-in and on-farm obstetrical services 24/7 to assist with difficult calvings, and when necessary perform caesarean section surgery.

Neonatal Calf ICU

We understand the trials of calving season and realize that some calves need more attention than others.  OVS has a well equipped calf ICU to provide care and treatment for young calves suffering from hypothermia, dehydration, scours and respiratory disease.


SelectVAC is a Zoetis Animal Health program that increases the value of your calves and open doors to even more buyers. This program has been proven on more than two million head and counting. Enrollment has never been easier. Take pride in your herd and schedule your spring and fall herd work with Oakes Veterinary Service.

Veterinary Certificate of Vaccinations

Veterinary Certificate of Vaccination is a certificate that is issued, stating what was used and when it was administrated to your calves during the spring and/or fall season. This provides information regarding vaccinations, parasite control, implants and castration method. Producers can give us a call or stop in before taking your calves to market and we can have this filled out and ready to go. We are also able fax the records directly to your market of choice for your convenience.

Ovine Services

Flock Health

OVS also provides services for your sheep flock similar to those for cattle.  We provide products and services to reduce disease in your flock and help improve growth and performance. Unique services offered include: pregnancy diagnosis via transabdominal ultrasound, vasectomy surgery for teaser rams and breeding soundness evaluation of rams.  In addition to these unique services, we offer products and information to aid in the control of diseases such as footrot, sore mouth, overeating, parasite infestation, pregnancy toxemia and pathogen related abortion. Stop in or call for any information related to sheep production, our staff has over 30 years of experience in the sheep industry.