Equine Center

The Oakes Vet Service Equine Center is located on the east side of the property and provides a full service facility for the care of your horse.  There is an equine exam room, stocks available for restraint, an induction and recovery stall for pre-and post-op surgical patients, a surgery room and four stalls available for hospitalized cases.  We also have large pens available outdoors for turn-out.

Digital Radiographs

OVS now offers digital radiography through a Computed Radiography System.  This equipment can be used right here at the clinic or brought to your farm.  It provides clear images that can be sent by email or provided on a disc.


The health of your horse’s teeth is important for proper utilization of feed, comfort when eating and balance during performance.  We provide a dental exam evaluating your horse’s bite, TMJ, and lateral excursion.  A power float and hand floats are used to remove hooks and ramps and properly align the incisors allowing your horse comfort, improved feed utilization and correct movement of the jaw.

Lameness Evaluation

Lameness exams consist of a passive and active exam, evaluating all causes for lameness including joint pain, tendon and ligament injuries, foot pain, and back pain.  Diagnostics, including digital radiographs and ultrasound are used to help localize and diagnose your horse’s condition.  We strive to give you the highest quality of care for your performance horses and back yard pets!


Our facility offers a full equine surgical suite, induction and recovery stall.  The induction and recovery stall offers your horse a safe area before and after surgery.  The staff at OVS is dedicated to the close monitoring of all anesthetic patients before, during and after surgery.

Laser Therapy

We now offer a therapeutic laser treatment with our surgeries to help reduce pain and inflammation associated with the incision site.  This treatment encourages increased blood flow to the surgical/injury site which may speed healing time. Additional benefits include increased healing in chronic wounds, soft tissue injuries, and pain reduction for patients with arthritis.

Emergency Service

24 hour haul-in emergency service available! When any emergency arises, it’s important to know that someone is available to help you and your animal in its time of need. We provide 24 hour emergency care and hospitalization for conditions including colic, lacerations, illness, injuries and emergency surgery.

Wellness Exams and Vaccinations

Keeping your horse healthy is a number one priority! We offer Coggins testing and vaccination recommendations that fit the needs of your horse. Whether it is a backyard companion or a high level performance horse that spends many days per year traveling and being exposed to other horses, we have the right protocol for you! Fecal exams are available during your horse’s wellness exam or if a concern arises. We carry many different types of dewormers to tailor to the age of your horse, its parasite load and the season of the year.